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Lutz Koch
The Photo Collection of Lutz Koch Albania in 1941
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Lutz Koch (1903-1965) was a German writer from Jonsdorf in the Zittau region who was particularly active during the Nazi period. In about 1940 he set off with his wife on an eight-month automobile trip through southeastern Europe to Turkey and back. The journey is recounted in his richly illustrated book Reise durch den Balkan: 20.000 Kilometer Autofahrt durch Ungarn, Rumänien, Bulgarien, die Türkei, Griechenland, Albanien und Jugoslawien  (Journey through the Balkans: A 20,000 Kilometre Automobile Trip Through Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Albania and Yugoslavia), Berlin 1941. The Albanian stretch of this epic journey took him from Florina in Greece, to Korça, Elbasan, Tirana, Durrës, Kruja, Mamurras and Shkodra. Lutz Koch is also remembered for his Europa durch die Windschutzscheibe: 25.000 Kilometer durch 16 Länder (Europe through the Windshield: 25,000 Kilometres Through 16 Countries) Berlin 1938, a travel book on western, northern and northeastern Europe, and for his much-read biography of German General Rommel: Erwin Rommel: die Wandlung eines grossen Soldaten (Erwin Rommel: the Transformation of a Great Soldier), Stuttgart 1950. The photos from this collection are taken from the above-mentioned Balkan volume.
Lutz Koch - Photo Collection